Best hair straighteners

Using the Best Flat Iron for fine hair, you can solve several problems at once: straighten your hair, put it in a “Hollywood wave” and wind it in elastic curls. Want to know how to achieve any of these effects without harming your hair and wallet? Read our rating of the best hair straighteners based on real customer reviews.

Hair iron which company is better

A company with a half-century history produces professional hair straighteners that work flawlessly.

All over the world, stylists and hairdressers give preference to this company, but ordinary buyers do not remain disappointed with the characteristics of irons. The working plates are made of tourmaline, there is an ionization function that allows styling without harm to the hair.


The company produces hair straighteners for the price of any budget. The devices for styling, haircuts, depilation are stylish and modern. For a low price, customers get multifunctional devices with which you can curl and straighten hair.

There are quite expensive models equipped with a cold steam supply function. Each iron is equipped with an indicator of heating and inclusion, which facilitates the use of the device.

The best ceramic hair iron

Ceramic coating is the best for rectifier plates. It is smooth, so it allows the device to literally glide along the strands, quickly making them silky and smooth.

Ceramic coating of plates is not very expensive. Such irons are the most common, they are produced by almost all companies.

Remington S8700 -

the best choice among ceramic coated rectifiers

According to reviews on the Remington S8700, the rectifier performs its functions even at the lowest temperature of 150 ° C. The plates are tight to the hair, do not cling and literally glide over them.

The process of straightening long strands takes no more than half an hour. The hair straightener does not dry out the hair, but rather gives it shine and smoothness. Judging by the reviews, it works great for more than three years, which exceeds the life of the device.

The best hair straightener with tourmaline plates

Tourmaline-coated irons are ideal for those who buy their first straightener and fear for healthy hair. The material of the plates practically does not harm the strands, but rather improves them.

The gem has the property of transmitting particles with a negative charge to the hair, thereby making them less electrified and more obedient.

GA.MA Attiva Digital -

the ideal price / quality ratio rectifier with tourmaline coating

Reviews on the GA.MA Attiva Digital are excellent. Girls like the straightener to heat up quickly and glide over hair easily, making it soft and shiny. A professional iron is suitable for use at home, hands do not get tired of it and your head does not hurt.

Best face blush 2019

One of the most important elements of cosmetics is blush. With their help, you can create a truly spectacular make-up, highlighting the cheekbones and making the cheeks more attractive. Keep in mind that by placing emphasis with their help and doing it correctly, you can always adjust your face shape and give a healthy skin tone.

To get a high-quality result, it is worth choosing the best blush of 2019, because there is very little to know the principles of applying blush. Prefer the correct type in view of the texture of the tool. Presented to your attention a popular top rating blush, who liked modern fashionistas. We hope it helps you figure out which blush is best for your skin type. But before you familiarize yourself with it, it is recommended to read no less important information on the recommendations for choosing a blush.

Rating of the best manufacturers of blush: list of brands

In the recent past, registered brands only offered a dry version of compact blush. Now the arsenal of cosmetics has replenished with other popular new products that differ in texture and a wide selection of shades. An innovation in this area has become products that have a liquid appearance of consistency.

The number of manufacturers is no less impressive. Today, the best face blush from such brands are used on the market:
  • Pupa;
  • Vivienne Sabo;
  • Max Factor Nyx;
  • L’Oreal Paris;
  • Maybelline;
  • NoUBA Divage
  • Oriflame.

The number of brands is replete with a variety of offers. Each of them certainly deserves attention. Confirmation of this is the positive feedback from customers who share their opinions on the Web.

Brand products really managed to please a certain circle of women’s audience, it’s possible that after reading our article to the end, you will also be able to decide which are the best blush for you in 2019.

Types of blush

Today it is customary to divide blush into several categories. Each of them is different due to its texture. All products have special characteristics:

  • dry. They are made in the form of balls, friable, baked. These are compact extruded options;
  • best cream blush. They differ in the release in the form of mousse, cushion, pencil. They can be simple;
  • liquid blush. Presented on the market in the form of tints.
Let’s take a closer look at all the species individually.
Dry blush

This look is intended for use on any type of skin. In particular, it is recommended by a woman with fatty epidermis. It is better to apply means with a brush. Such blush shades perfectly. It also has a matting effect, due to which they are applied evenly and remain on the skin for a rather long time.

Cream blush

Suitable for women who have mature and dry skin. Such cosmetics are special type moisturizing oils. Experts recommend applying them with your fingers, gently rubbing them on the skin.